Truth Caravan

by The Alistair Goodwin Band

Miscellaneous Words by Alistair Goodwin Dawn comes to gloat, At the emptiness, and the solitude, You clear your throat, for another round, of untruth, Friends to tell me, You didn't mean the things you did, To sell me... for him. I can take anything you care to give, It's just a matter of waiting, for you to wish, I could be everywhere to catch you from your fall, Right here I'm not anywhere... anywhere at all. Pointless the way I feel, The emptiness, and the solitude, Helpless I steal... a kiss. If I could be anything I swear I'd be your friend, Right here I'm not anything, it's not anything like you said, If I could be anywhere I swear I'd be by your side, Right here I'm not anywhere… it just hurts inside. © Alistair Goodwin MCMIV
Window 08:14
Castles 06:41


released August 9, 2011


all rights reserved


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